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Board of Directors

Andrew Froemming

After developing a personal relationship with Jesus, Andrew was filled with a passion to reach the least, the last, and the lost. Over the last decade he has dedicated countless hours to serving the people of Hollywood and sharing God’s Unconditional Love. 
In 2013 he founded Compassion Connection to serve the less fortunate on the streets of Los Angeles.

Mary Proctor-Dehn

Mary converted from Judaism in 2005, when she came to know and love Christ through a teaching colleague. She has always felt  a deep passion for the dispossessed and downtrodden,.   

Kendra Perry,

After falling in love with Jesus during high school, Kendra has spent many years participating in active ministry on her own and alongside her family.  She founded Stand for Love in 2021 to help make the everlasting good news that God is love her clarion call. 

Roger Keaton

More info coming soon!

Julia Willis

Julia encountered God personally around age 14, several years after her baptism. Since childhood, Julia has been an avid reader of the Bible
She believes that the God of the Bible can be most clearly understood through teachings such as the Sanctuary, the Sabbath, and especially the annihilation of the wicked at Christ’s second coming rather than eternal conscious torment. 
She believes that love, rather than intimidation or fear, is at the center of God’s character.

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